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WAHS Common Scholarship Application

The Williamsport Area High School Common Application



The WAHS Common Scholarship Application includes a list of local scholarships administered by the WAHS Counseling office. Please read each scholarship and check the ones that you wish to be considered for (and that you meet the specific qualifications).   


·      First, please be sure that the application is printed neatly and that it is complete.    


·      Please be sure that you meet the qualifications of the scholarships that you check off.


·      Please be sure that all supportive forms are included with each application.


·      Applications are due in the Counseling Office by March 17th, 2017.  This deadline will be adhered to strictly! All supporting documents must be included.



Supporting Documents Include:


1. Copy of High School Transcript (or college for post-graduates)

2. Copy of SAT/ACT scores from College Board or from A-Card

3. True copies of the parent & the student 1040 Federal tax Forms *

4.  Copies of the W-2 Tax Forms for the parent & student. *

5. Complete the FAFSA and attach the summary sheet showing your Expected Family Contribution (EFC)


* This information is kept confidential and used only by the Scholarship committee in the selection process.