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Box Tops for Education

Box Tops 2015-2016 Goal: $1200

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How Box Tops Works
1 Find Box Tops on hundreds of products.
2 Clip Box Tops from each package.
3 Send the Box Tops to your school. Find your school.
4 Box Tops are each worth 10¢ for your school.
Collection Sheets

Box Tops Collection Sheet
Box Tops Collection Sheet

  25 Box Tops 10 Box Tops

10 Box Tops 25 Box Tops 50 Box Tops Summer Themed
Other Ways to Earn
Bonus Box Tops at Stores
Occasionally, stores hold promotions where they give away extra Box Tops at checkout. SEE IN-STORE OFFERS
Bonus Box Tops Online
Members gets exclusive chances to win extra Box Tops. SEE CURRENT BONUS OFFERS
Still have questions? Visit the Box Tops for Education FAQ Page.


Last Modified on October 1, 2015