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Below you will find multiple links that profile the life of Thaddeus Stevens. Our school celebrates his birthday on April 4th. His tomb is in Lancaster, PA. We are proud to have our school named after him. Please read about his life and philosophies.

sign in Lancaster

Thaddeus Stevens died at Midnight on August 11th, 1868. The public expression of grief in Washington was second only to Lincoln's. His coffin lay in State at the Capitol rotunda, flanked by a Black Union Honor Guard from Massachusetts. Twenty thousand people, one-half whom were black free men, attended his funeral in Lancaster, PA. he chose to be buried inthe Schreiner-Concord Cemetery because it was the only cemetery that would accept all races. He wrote the inscription on his head stone that reads:

 "I repose in this quiet and secluded spot, not from any natural preference for solitude, but finding other cemeteries limited as to race, by charter rules, I have chosen this that I might illustrate in my death the principles which I advocated through a long life, equality of man before his Creator."

tomb in Lancaster, PA

tomb in Lancaster, PA


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