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J. Henry Cochran 

Primary  School

1500 Cherry Street, Williamsport, Pa 17701

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Cindy Schuyler, Principal

(Complete the form below to reserve your spot for the remiander of 2013-2014 school year!)

Dear Parents,

On behalf of the entire staff at J. Henry Cochran Primary School, I am pleased to announce a new student-centered feature entitled "Cochran’s Kids’ Corner." Many of our students participate in a variety of groups and activities outside of our building and it is our goal to not let their actions go unnoticed. An entire display case has been dedicated to this program, which will provide an opportunity for your child to display his/her unique hobby or pastime.

To participate, your child must follow the listed guidelines:

1. All features must be contained within the showcase.

2. Each feature will be displayed for one week. Each presenter is responsible for the set-up and removal of his/her material.

3. Parents are encouraged to participate in the creation of the display to ensure the material is appropriate and of high quality.

4. Parents are responsible for the transportation of their child's display materials.

5. Students who are chosen to participate must create a sign that indicates the title of their project, their name, grade, and room number.

If your child is interested in contributing to "Cochran’s Kids’ Corner” please complete the form below. Upon approval, you will receive a notice of the dates assigned to your child.

I look forward to receiving your proposals.

Cindy Schuyler



Cochran’s Kids’ Corner Request

Name of Student: _____________________________ Room #: _______

Title of Hobby: ______________________________________________

Brief Description of Display: ___________________________________
Parent consent: I have read and understood the expectations for the "Cochran’s Kids’ Corner" and it is my opinion the display outlined above merits exhibition at J. Henry Cochran Primary School.
Parent Signature: _______________________ Date: ___________