Williamsport Area School District Title I

School-Parent Compact


School Responsibilities

We recognize the importance of the school experience to every student and our role as educators. Therefore we agree to:

1.     Provide highly qualified teachers.

2.     Support the standards based curriculum.

3.     Provide a supportive learning environment.

4.     Provide opportunities for parent-teacher conferences (to include:  scheduled district-wide conferences; conferences upon parent/guardian request; and telephone conferences, as needed).

5.     Provide parents with assessment data, periodic progress reports (where appropriate), and periodic report cards.

6.     Provide opportunities for parents to volunteer at the school (to include:  classroom volunteers, PTO/PTA sponsored activities and field trip assistance).

7.     Provide parents with opportunities to observe classroom activities.


The Faculty and Staff of Andrew G. Curtin Intermediate School

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

A parent/guardian’s participation in their child’s education is important to his/her student’s achievement. Therefore, as a parent/guardian, I will support my child’s learning and I will:

1.     Monitor my child’s attendance (ensuring that my child is at school unless ill).

2.     Check that daily homework is completed and make sure that my child completes all assignments when he/she is absent from school.

3.     Volunteer to assist in designated school activities.

4.     Participate in decisions to help my child succeed at school (to include:  parent-teacher conferences and other meetings upon request).

5.     Stay informed about my child’s education by:  communicating with the school; reading notices from the school or the school district; and responding when requested.

6.     Participate on school committees such as CSR, PTA/PTO, and the Title I Parent Activities Planning Committee, as my schedule permits.


Parent/Guardian Signature____________________________________________


Student Responsibilities

As a student, I am responsible to do my best in school. My education is important to me so I will:

1.     Be at school on time each day unless ill.

2.     Be responsible for assignments that I miss when I am absent from school.

3.     Complete daily homework and ask for help when it is needed.

4.     Have a good attitude as I work with the school staff and other students.

5.     Read or listen to a story every day outside of school time.

6.     Take home all school notices, corrected homework, and assessments.

7.     Be responsible for my own behavior and treat everyone with respect.


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