Restoring the Williamsport Area High School Athletic Facility  — A Community Campaign
Together with community leaders and alumni, the WASD Education Foundation has launched an unprecedented fundraising initiative — to raise $3.5 million to restore and update the Williamsport Area High School's aging athletic complex.  The plans for modernizing the high school athletic facilities include the installation of a new all-weather field in the current stadium in addition to the construction of a new complex for track and field sports.  These facilities will not only enhance our high school and middle school soccer, track and field, football, and marching band programs, but also provide a health-and-fitness asset to district students of all ages — both for in-school and extra-curricular activities.  This expanded sports facility will also serve as a new and exciting site for Williamsport community events.
The launch of this campaign represents a bold new vision for the Foundation, and both the strategic planning and fundraising efforts are being driven by a task force of community leaders.  The details of this vision, along with its date-driven rationale, can be read in the Foundation's Case for Support, "Return to Glory."
For more complete and detailed information, please visit the campaign's official website, www.wasd.org/returntoglory.