Board of Directors
Members of the WASD Education Foundation's Board of Directors consists of those from a broad segment of the community who volunteer their time to raise funds and awareness needed to support the foundation's mission and desire to serve the common good. 
Trisha Gibbons Marty, President
Dr. Deborah Grove, Vice President
Lynne Piotrowski, Secretary
Jeffrey Richards, Treasurer
Dr. Liz Barnhart 
Carol Bresticker
Dr. Timothy Bowers 
Stephanie Calder
Susan Dinsmore 
Bill Emery
Gerry Fausnaught 
Rob Fisher
Rose Marie Gross 
Christine Kavanagh
Timothy Mahoney
Craig Niklaus
Lorre Robinson 
Spencer Sweeting
J. Michael Wiley, Esq.
Philip Sprunger 
Executive Director:
Gregory L. Hayes, Jr.
Article II of the WASD Education Foundation Bylaws states that the Williamsport Area School District Education Foundation Board of Directors is made up of 12 community members not employed by the district, the superintendent, two WASD administrators, two WASD teachers, one school board member, one other district employee and the business manager.