Welcome to room 117!  This page includes classroom responsibilities and rewards, consequences for misbehavior, an overview of instructional programs, and other information of interest.  Thank you for taking the time to visit the sight, and please feel free to contact me by phone (323-4785 ext. 117) or E-mail (gkinley@wasd.org).

Classroom Responsibilities

1.    Be on time and prepared

            You must be in your seat when the bell rings with the necessary materials out.

2.    Respect others

3.    Use good listening skills

            *eyes on the speaker (or book)

            *hands and feet in place and still

            *no talking

4.    Participate and follow directions

5.    Neatness

            *The desks are not lockers or garbage cans.  Take home papers that we are no longer using or throw them away.

            *Leave desks and chairs in place

            *No gum or candy in class


Rewards  (for responsible behavior)

1.    Millionaire Bucks

2.   Potato Head Class Reward

3.    computer lab time

4.    Excellence in Being Excellent Award (Individual Award)

5.    class games


Consequences  (If you don't act responsibly)

Meetings will be held during recess time with students who are not meeting their obligations in any of these areas.  After the meeting, students may be required to fill out a problem solving form that will need to go home and be signed by a parent.


I do everything that I can to encourage students to do all homework the night that it is assigned.  This ensures that they will get the full benefit of the assignment.  The assignments are usually corrected and discussed the next day in class.  Without an assignment, students will lose this chance to ask questions and to learn from their mistakes.  I will accept late work if it has the proper heading, and it is quality work.