Mrs. Weaver's Update

We have been very busy writing our short stories. Most of my students are ready to type and publish their stories; check how your child is doing and push them to continue to revise and edit their work. Most of the students have now read over four books, and three short stories; the authors range from Keys, Bradbury, Draper, Stevenson, and Poe. My students have also worked on 4 units of vocabulary lessons, as well as Latin and Greek words.

Do not forget to ask your child to practice and perform for you the poems they have been memorizing, and to practice their parts in the plays we are currently preparing. You will be so proud of their ability to get up in front of a group and recite poetry from memory.  All of the lessons and skills we have been working on have been very challenging and fun. I am very proud of their growth. Please check their work and use the portal to check on their grades. 

Note to my students:

Please use your agenda, bring your work home, and share it with your family. Remember your parents/ guardians may help you with your work for our class.

If you ever need any help or feel unsure of our expectations call me at school or e-mail me at

Thank you,
 Mrs. Weaver